Kybella® Say Goodbye to That Dreaded Double Chin Without Surgery

At Dolce Vida Medical Spa, with three convenient Connecticut locations, the expert team, led by certified physician assistant

You take care of yourself by eating right and exercising. Nonetheless, you still have that pesky double chin. You’re far from alone, for many men and women, the area under their chin is their trouble spot. Double chins are not necessarily caused by excess weight, genetics and age are common culprits, as well.

Luckily, there’s a new, noninvasive solution: Kybella®.

At Dolce Vida Medical Spa, with three convenient Connecticut locations, the expert team, led by certified physician assistant Scott Callahan, can customize a treatment plan to eliminate the extra fat under your chin and boost your self-confidence for years to come.

Contour your profile with Kybella

Kybella is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, making it a perfect option for patients who don’t want to undergo surgery. Kybella uses synthetic deoxycholic acid, an active ingredient that works to break down and absorb fat in the body. It destroys unwanted fat cells under the chin, and your body eliminates those cells naturally, and they never return.

Kybella treatments involve injections to the area under your chin. Your specialist at Dolce Vida Medical Spa will recommend the appropriate number of sessions depending on your aesthetic goals. The procedure can be tailored to your particular fat distribution patterns and desired look.

What to expect during a Kybella treatment

In general, you might be a good candidate for Kybella if:

First, your specialist will assess the distribution of fat in and around your chin to develop a customized plan for you. Most patients have 1-6 sessions with at least one month between each session. 

The actual procedure entails multiple small injections across the targeted area. Each session takes 15-20 minutes, and the number of injections you get will depend on your specific plan.

After treatment, you may experience some swelling, bruising, or numbness. These side effects should subside shortly after treatment.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to that pesky double chin, book a consultation with any of Dolce Vida Medical Spa’s locations in West Port, Turnpike, or Hamden, CT.  Call the practice at (203) 513-8457, or request an appointment by using the convenient online booking tool.

There’s no need to settle for a profile that makes you feel unhappy and self-conscious.

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