3 Popular Body Sculpting Treatments

3 Popular Body Sculpting Treatments

Advances in aesthetic technology mean you no longer have to undergo surgery to improve your figure. Nonsurgical, minimally invasive body-sculpting procedures can help you eliminate unwanted fat and refine your figure.

Dolce Vida Medical Spa is an industry leader in medical aesthetics. Our team of aesthetic specialists are devoted to helping men and women look and feel their best through a full array of aesthetic services, including the latest advances in body sculpting. Keep reading to learn more about three of the most in-demand body sculpting services that can help you achieve the figure you’ve always wanted. They’re available at our offices in Trumbull, Hamden, and Westport, Connecticut.  

Venus Freeze

Dolce Vida Spa is the first and only medical spa in Connecticut to offer Venus Freeze, a fast, effective body-contouring treatment that shrinks fat cells, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and tightens the skin. It uses radiofrequency technology to heat and destroy fat cells, and is ideal for treating cellulite in problems areas such as the thighs, buttocks, and backs of legs.

The following are benefits of Venus Freeze.

That’s not all. Venus Freeze can rejuvenate the face and neck. The RF energy stimulates collagen production, tightens sagging skin, and reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Venus Viva™

When you’re after a rejuvenated complexion without downtime, look no further than Venus Viva, a nonsurgical skin-resurfacing treatment that addresses common signs of skin damage, including acne scars, rosacea, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, and wrinkles

Venus Viva is safe and effective for all skin types. It uses nanofractional radiofrequency to deliver heat through the surface of the skin. The system features microneedles that create tiny wounds to the dermis to stimulate natural collagen production and healing. By triggering the body’s natural repair process, Venus Viva takes advantage of the body’s own healing abilities to correct skin damage and leave you with healthier looking skin.

The procedure is nearly pain-free as it kickstarts the skin’s natural healing process. The following are the benefits of Venus Viva:

Venus Viva provides long-lasting results that you notice shortly after your procedure.


CoolSculpting is an excellent option for men and women who aren’t ready for or don’t have the downtime for surgical liposuction. CoolSculpting uses cooling technology to reduce fat without needles, surgery, or downtime.

The technology of the CoolSculpting system targets fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. Fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures. By precisely cooling targeted fat cells to a precise temperature, CoolSculpting eliminates treated fat cells. Once treated, fat cells are gone for good.

CoolSculpting is ideal for treating the following areas:

CoolSculpting can also treat double chin.

Whether you desire to remove stubborn fat, erase signs of aging, or rejuvenate your skin, our team can develop a customized plan to address flaws and perfect your appearance. If you’re ready to experience a slimmer, younger looking appearance, then you’re ready for the latest advances in aesthetic medicine. 

To get started, schedule your initial consultation with one of our providers by calling or booking online today. 

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